Zorlu Enerji joins Middle East Technical University (METU) and 18 European companies and institutions in the EU Geothermal Gas Emission Control project financed by the EU Commission.

Turkish Zorlu Energy Group has joined the EU Geothermal Gas Emission Control (GECO) project, as reported on 4 July 2018.

With eighteen participating companies in the GECO project, Zorlu joins Middle East Technical University (METU) as the only Turkish participants. The GECO project aims to implement field applications on a global scale and enable the exchange of knowledge and experiences in order to achieve sustainability in geothermal areas and reach zero emissions of carbon dioxide and similar gases through the elimination of such gases.

Zorlu Enerji, which continues to be Turkey’s gateway to the international energy arena through not only its investments but also the global partnership projects with which it shares its experiences, has become a partner of the GECO project that targets the sustainable management of natural mineral resources. Zorlu Enerji will contribute to the GECO project with its experience and R&D resources in the area of geothermal energy.

The Horizon 2020 program, which is the European Union’s largest Research and Innovation program that was established with the aim of transferring significant discoveries and creative ideas from the laboratory to the global market in order to help create a sustainable world, and which will offer funding worth EUR 80 billion for a period of 7 years, will provide grant support to Zorlu Enerji for its participation in the GECO project due to its successful activities in this area.

Various institutions and organizations from countries such as France, England, Italy, Iceland, and Germany will take part in the GECO project. Under the Horizon 2020 program’s main heading “Reducing Electricity Generation Costs for Renewable Resources,” the project aims to enable the implementation of international field applications, the testing of new equipment and technology, and the transfer of knowledge and experiences in order to “Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO?) Emissions Resulting from Geothermal Causes.”

“We are working towards achieving zero geothermal emissions”

Zorlu Enerji General Manager in charge of Investments, Operation and Maintenance, Ali Kindap, expressed his thoughts and feelings about the matter and said he believed the company earned the right to receive grant support thanks to its experience in the geothermal sector and the R&D investments it has made. Kindap touched upon Zorlu Enerji’s efforts to achieve sustainable production through its leading position in the field of geothermal energy and said, “We are proud to be part of the GECO project, whose members consist of expert companies and reputable institutions from countries in Europe and around the world. We will work all together at Zorlu Enerji’s geothermal plants in the Kizildere field located in Turkey and other plants in Italy, Iceland and Germany.

At the plants we are currently operating and the ones will install as a result of the R&D activities we will carry out, we will generate energy with zero waste by making use of the underground heat at the field and re-injecting all waste, including carbon dioxide, back into the ground. We wish to contribute to this field worldwide by reporting our findings and sharing them with other geothermal plant operators in different countries. We are ready to transfer all our know-how and experience to this project, which we believe will contribute to the reduction of the emissions of carbon dioxide and similar gases, the more efficient utilization of geothermal fluid, and the maintenance of the sustainability of the source. We at Zorlu Enerji are proud to be successfully representing Turkey in various fields of energy, including geothermal energy, through not only our investments but also our know-how and experience.”

Zorlu Enerji the only company from Turkey in the international arena

Within the scope of the project, which will be initiated with the enforcement of the “Grant Agreement” that is planned to be signed on August 20, 2018, grant support of EUR 15 million will be provided and used for R&D activities in the area of the sustainable production of geothermal energy. A large portion of the GECO Project’s budget will be financed by the EU Commission. 18 institutions, organizations, research institutes and universities, such as METU in Turkey, will work together alongside prominent companies in the energy sector.


Source: Zorlu Enerji

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