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The webinar is intended as an introduction/dissemination event showing the power of the 3-E approach (Exergy, Exergo-Economic and Exergo-Environmental) to promote the performance improvement of power plants, with a focus on clean geothermal energy. Exergy analysis is introduced as a tool for thermodynamic optimization of the system, with the advantage – in respect to traditional approaches considering only conservation of mass and energy – to compare correctly sources of inefficiency/irreversibility of very different nature. The present approach of exergo-economic analysis which considers the tradeoff between the cost of construction (including service) and that of exergy destruction, represents a relevant step forward to economic optimization (beyond the efficiency or power output), allowing to calculate the final cost of the products (electricity and heat) and the mechanism of cost buildup throughout the process. Cost correlations (partially tuned to geothermal plant components) will be displayed – checkpoints with true cost data are possible depending on info availability. A validated component-level Life Cycle Analysis, including normalization and weighting, allows to repeat the approach considering Environmental Costs. These include plant construction (including wells drilling), operation, maintenance and – where data are available, decommissioning (End of Life). Applications of the methodology to selected reference cases within the GECO Project will be presented (Hellisheidi, Castelnuovo, Kizildere), including, where possible, processes for CO2 capture/reinjection/fixation . The results are applied to the base case, but indications for improvement will be presented and discussed.


  • Introduction – Bergur Sigfusson, GECO Project Coordinator, CarbFix, Iceland

Session 1:         3-E Methodology

  • Introduction to Exergy Analysis of Energy Conversion
  • Introduction to Exergo-Economic Analysis – cost correlations and costing exergy streams and products
  • Introduction to Exergo-Environmental Analysis – LCA data validation and processing – exergy propagation of environmental cost
  • Q&A session

Session 2:         3-E Applications – A GECO Perspective

  • Applications to GECO Reference Cases: Hellisheidi, Castelnuovo, Kizildere
  • Q&A session


Giampaolo Manfrida, University of Florence, Italy
Daniele Fiaschi, University of Florence, Italy
Lorenzo Talluri, University of Florence, Italy
Claudio Zuffi, University of Florence, Italy

 Amel Barich, Geothermal Research Cluster, Iceland

 15 September 2021
Time: 12:00 – 13:30 UTC
Platform: Teams

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