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GECO Project organized two back-to-back events in Tuscany, Italy on 16 – 21 May 2022.

After two years of online activities and meetings, members of the project finally managed to meet in person last month in Italy and enjoy together a great week of live discussions and exchange, as well as training and knowledge transfer. Indeed, the first part of the week was dedicated to an internal workshop that tackled the intellectual property and business case of GECO technologies and results. The event was attended by 30 members from across the consortium. This interactive encounter was the chance to reflect on the progress made by the project since its start in 2018, and to co-design the best pathways to bring the geothermal emission control results to market. A field trip to the Biancane Geothermal Park in Monterotondo took place at the end of the event, with a visit to the Mubia GeoMuseum.

The workshop was followed straight after by the first GECO Summer School.

Having been postponed for two years because of the pandemic, we finally managed to bring together early careers professionals from around the world for 4 days of intensive training in Geothermal Emission Control Technologies. Forty participants from 12 countries and 4 continents attended the Summer School. The lectures were delivered by 19 experts around all relevant topics like geology/geochemistry, engineering, environmental aspects, and socioeconomics. The lectures took place in Volterra and a field trip was organized to visit the Malentrata Serpentinite-hosted Magnesite Deposits, a natural analogue for mineral CCS in ultramafic rocks).





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