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GECO partners Zorlu Energy (ZORLU) and Middle East Technical University (METU) participated this month to the Türkiye Geothermal Conference held in Izmir, Turkey on 15-16 November.

The conference touched upon a comprehensive set of geothermal-related thematics relevant to the Turkish context, including geothermal emission control aspects which GECO is tackling.

Ural Halaçoğlu (R&D Manager at ZORLU) and Serhat Akin (Professor of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering at METU) led the session and discussions on “CO2 Emissions from Turkish Geothermal Resources”. They presented results from Kızıldere GECO demonstration site in Turkey.

The Kızıldere geothermal field is Turkey’s first and high-potential geothermal field explored for energy generation. It is a high temperature metamorphic reservoir situated in the Denizli Province, southwestern Turkey. With a complex of 3 power plants, Kızıldere-I, -II and -III, nearly 1/3rd of the discharged NCG from Kızıldere-II is sent to Linde Gas, a CO2 facility that processes the CO2 for commercial activities. Through the GECO project, Zorlu Energy aims to reduce the CO2 emissions for more green geothermal power production while maintaining the sustainability of the reservoir.



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