One of the GECO demonstration sites that was planned to be in Castelnuovo in Tuscany, Italy, has been moved to Hveragerði, Iceland. This is because of permitting issues that would have delayedCO2 injection and geothermal fluid reinjection. However, feasibility studies characterizing the geology and modelling potential future injection will still be conducted for the original Castelnuovo site.

The site in Hveragerði is near to the other two Icelandic demo sites – Hellisheiði and Nesjavellir power plants. Like those areas, Hveragerði contains a basaltic reservoir is part of the high temperature Hengill geothermal system.

Storengy (STY) is collaborating with the Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR) to conduct the pilot test injecting CO2 and geothermal fluid into a 200°C well. Permitting has already been confirmed and the planned pilot injection is scheduled for 2022.

Testing well in Hveragerði, Iceland

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